Bad business: Protech Transmissions, NY

These guys are the worst S.O.B out there. They took over $4,000.00 dollars from me and never performed the service’s that was supposed to be done.It started in March of last year. I sent Protech my tranny for a performance upgrade (Russell Dupper the owner) along with a cashiers check for $1500.00 as a down payment. This job was supposed to take two weeks tops.Unfortunately, six month’s went buy and still no transmission and still no transmission in sight. Throughout that time period, I kept calling to find out what is going on and they kept telling nothing but excuses. Then finally he calls (Russell Dupper) and says its ready to be shipped. I then paid the remaining balance which brings to total to just a little over $4600.00. Here I sit waiting for my trans to show up and still to this date I have nothing to show for it. Then the excuses start pouring in like; can i have some give you a call back (Never did), we shipped it here is a tracking number (fake one), we shipped it and it broke so they sent it back to us (which was a load of bull). All these excuses and nothing to show for it. After nine month’s of waiting I called my bank and got me last payment back which was just over $2,000.00. I then went out and got a lawyer and I plan on suing this asshole for everything he’s worth (which may be a pile of S**%) so please don’t ever do business with these people, they will rip you off. The company name is (Protech Transmissions owner Russell Dupper)
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