Just Got Scammed

Now that I see these stories I feel stupid for not checking. I just lost $1800.00 of my hard earned money that I saved to get my car fixed. It has been at Russel Dupper’s place on Spring Street for weeks. In reading all the excuses I see they are the same ones he told me. He said the part was lost by UPS, deleivered to the wrong place, then he was on vacation, then he had surgery, and now I go over to Car Tech and the place is closed down today, all the tools are gone!!!!

My car is sitting there with parts missing! I am so screwed now without a car and I do not have the money to get it fixed. The police said there is nothing they can do, which I do not understand, isn’t that stealing?? How did he ever even open a new business in our village with all those judgements against him?? Can we all get together as a group to recoup something, or just to make sure he never opens another business again??

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