Subject: Buying an 05 Ford Freestar

I had given Russell Dupper at Cartech Service Center $350 cash deposit on 4/14/16 and was supposed to pick up the vehicle on 4/21/16 and here it is July 1st and still don’t have, but he had same excuses we gotta do inspection to make sure it’s safe, I’m to busy I’ll get to it tomorrow, I’m in hospital, I’m on vacation, oh and good one he took my money and the van was for me but he refused to deal with me (being a women) and he keeps calling my husband everytime I contacted him, give me a week and u can pickup vehicle, I have to talk with your husband and write up contract, etc. He still has my money and he was supposed to give me all paper work the day i gave him money and still hasn’t and now when I asked for my money back he’s coming up with we did the brakes and it was about $400 worth mind you it’s how many months now. I even have receipt stating the money and when I was supposed to receive the van. I have all texts n receipts etc.
I can’t believe there still in business!

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