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Subject: Buying an 05 Ford Freestar

I had given Russell Dupper at Cartech Service Center $350 cash deposit on 4/14/16 and was supposed to pick up the vehicle on 4/21/16 and here it is July 1st and still don’t have, but he had same excuses we gotta do inspection to make sure it’s safe, I’m to busy I’ll get to it tomorrow, I’m in hospital, I’m on vacation, oh and good one he took my money and the van was for me but he refused to deal with me (being a women) and he keeps calling my husband everytime I contacted him, give me a week and u can pickup vehicle, I have to talk with your husband and write up contract, etc. He still has my money and he was supposed to give me all paper work the day i gave him money and still hasn’t and now when I asked for my money back he’s coming up with we did the brakes and it was about $400 worth mind you it’s how many months now. I even have receipt stating the money and when I was supposed to receive the van. I have all texts n receipts etc.
I can’t believe there still in business!

Also Being Duped By Car Tech

Car Tech is attempting to sue me for $5000 dollars.  The car has been at his garage since October 2011 and has not been repaired.  In April, I attempted to end our business by having my car towed from his place of business (per a letter from him stating that he could no longer store it) but he refused to release it stating there was a pending bill.  I personally went to the garage that day, asking how this could be resolved and was told I would have to talk to the owner, who was not there at the time.  I returned that Monday, two days later, and asked the owner for a bill.  He told me that he needed a couple of days to figure out what was owed (for storage and for removing the transmission for the warranty company to review) but have never received one. Originally, I was told that (verbally) there would be no charge for storage.

Poor Service

I bought a car from brandan he added on $300 to the car because I owed money to his matco tool guy I just wonder what other things he dose to the customers I would never send any one there to me that is bad business

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Just Got Scammed

Now that I see these stories I feel stupid for not checking. I just lost $1800.00 of my hard earned money that I saved to get my car fixed. It has been at Russel Dupper’s place on Spring Street for weeks. In reading all the excuses I see they are the same ones he told me. He said the part was lost by UPS, deleivered to the wrong place, then he was on vacation, then he had surgery, and now I go over to Car Tech and the place is closed down today, all the tools are gone!!!!

My car is sitting there with parts missing! I am so screwed now without a car and I do not have the money to get it fixed. The police said there is nothing they can do, which I do not understand, isn’t that stealing?? How did he ever even open a new business in our village with all those judgements against him?? Can we all get together as a group to recoup something, or just to make sure he never opens another business again??


HE IS THE WORST KIND OF THIEF. It is a very long, frustrating story, but he strung me along and had my car for 2 weeks after telling me it would cost $400. and was a 4 hour job then a two day job , then he closed for 4 days without notice, then the parts were on order, then it wasn’t quite ready, then something else broke. After he did “who knows what” to it, and two weeks later and $600. later, I had to have my husband pick up the car, because I was afraid i would do or say something I might not be proud of. HE IS A LYING CHEAT ! And I will tell everyone I know !!!

Public Records

These public court documents were retrieved from the Orange County Government Center located in Goshen, NY. They include all current outstanding judgements that are against all business names used in the past and present. Please click here to see more of them.

Bad business: Protech Transmissions, NY

These guys are the worst S.O.B out there. They took over $4,000.00 dollars from me and never performed the service’s that was supposed to be done.It started in March of last year. I sent Protech my tranny for a performance upgrade (Russell Dupper the owner) along with a cashiers check for $1500.00 as a down payment. This job was supposed to take two weeks tops.Unfortunately, six month’s went buy and still no transmission and still no transmission in sight. Throughout that time period, I kept calling to find out what is going on and they kept telling nothing but excuses. Then finally he calls (Russell Dupper) and says its ready to be shipped. I then paid the remaining balance which brings to total to just a little over $4600.00. Here I sit waiting for my trans to show up and still to this date I have nothing to show for it. Then the excuses start pouring in like; can i have some give you a call back (Never did), we shipped it here is a tracking number (fake one), we shipped it and it broke so they sent it back to us (which was a load of bull). All these excuses and nothing to show for it. After nine month’s of waiting I called my bank and got me last payment back which was just over $2,000.00. I then went out and got a lawyer and I plan on suing this asshole for everything he’s worth (which may be a pile of S**%) so please don’t ever do business with these people, they will rip you off. The company name is (Protech Transmissions owner Russell Dupper)
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Russell Dupper and Brandon Dupper the toxic twins

If this review stops anyone from doing business with these two people then I have done my part. These two guys are lying, stealing, cheating scumbags that need to be put in jail. They are honestly the lowest of the low and will not think twice about ripping anyone off. Make no mistake people a smile and a smooth word will only break your bank.
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Don’t Get Ripped Off

Russ Dupper ripped off lots of people in Harriman now moved to Monroe changed name of company. Go to Harriman NY Court and find out or Orange County and see for your self. Don’t Get Ripped Off.

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Old ProTech Owner, Owes People Money

They are the old ProTech owners from Harriman, NY. They closed ProTech owing many vendors money and opened a new company. Do not use them.‎

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